Hello Happy Friday! 

I never planned on making a horror film. My boyfriend at the time said he wanted to make a horror film. I thought, fantastic! So, I wrote a film that we could make. I envisioned us working on it together and having a blast. I wrote it to take place at his upstate place in the middle of the woods. If he was in the city, I could only write the script during the day because I would get too scared at night. But, he didn't really want to make a horror film, turns out he was just saying it would be cool, but he actually didn't want to do it. But somehow, it planted a seed and I changed the film to take place in the city.


Furthermore, a few years ago, I didn't even plan on attempting to make another film. In 2010, I wrote The Gun Virgins, a feature film about a woman who begins an underground gang in NYC. I began shooting this with unpaid crew and cast. Although I had many people excited about the film, ultimately, I didn't raise the budget. A few months later, I had to stop drinking, and I've been sober for 4 years. I fought the addiction and wrote a book, Your Soul's Missing Manual, 2011-2013, which is part memoir, part spiritual handbook. Once, at one of those long Vipassana retreats - the meditation retreats where you don't talk for two weeks and wake up at 4am - I realized, okay I'm really peaceful, now what. What I realized was that more than peace – I do like drama and excitement. As an artist, it's key to keep it in your work. I want to put my spirit into stories well told. I believe that this is best done through making a film and performing as truthfully as I can.


If you have been thinking about contributing or want to learn more about my film, take a moment and watch my video.



And finally, please think of anyone that you may know that would like to contribute to an independent film. Consider reaching out to them on my behalf or putting me in contact. (OR anyone you may know who needs an end of the year tax right off;-)

The truth is, I really need your support to get this film off the ground. Thank YOU!



Cybil Lake