Hello! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday and is anticipating a great holiday. It's the season of gratitude and giving. If you have been thinking about contributing, take a moment and watch my Hatchfund video:



Today, I feel incredibly grateful. Yesterday, I was feeling a little low for no real reason. Perhaps, being a struggling artist was a little easier when I was a little younger. Everyone I knew was doing creative work. Everyone I knew thought they'd be 'successful'. Now, with each year that passes by, I start to notice it's less and less glamorous to be a struggling artist. Artists who have already had some 'success' don't have to answer the questions that those still struggling do: 'Didn’t you already make some films that didn't go anywhere?' 'Isn't it time you just quit?' 'No one cares what you make...' I can't believe the discouraging things that folks say in the interest of just giving me advice.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving and gratitude, the way I see it is this - the capacity to create, to write, to envision creative work is a gift in itself. Writing a script is a feat in itself. I am grateful that I enjoy the process of creating. There's a whole bunch of artists who are struggling to write. Or worse, struggling to allow themselves; to give themselves permission to write at all. Or, the artists who put themselves out there, faced rejection, and now have quit. Here's the deal: I'm willing to put myself out there. I feel better knowing that I put myself out there for what I want. It's better to risk than not even try - and I have learned that from all the risks that I didn't take. My goal is entertain and to inspire. To make dreams into reality. So take a moment, watch my video, and perhaps you will like it. And if you like it, consider contributing, and share with others.



Cybil Lake