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New Trailer Released -

Tom Sizemore Stars in Central Park Dark

Central Park’s Past Creates Backdrop for New Horror Film


New York, NY, June 21, 2018 — CPD Productions unveils a new trailer for Central Park Dark starring Tom Sizemore: 

Central Park Dark is a horror/thriller about a one night stand that turns into a never-ending nightmare. This film could be described as Fatal Attraction meets Blair Witch Project set in Central Park. Currently in post-production. Starring Tom Sizemore and Cybil Lake. Directed by Cybil Lake. For more information visit:

“I’ve always loved great horror. My favorite films are The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby. But I never planned on making a horror film - that is until an ex-boyfriend told me that he really wanted to make one at his place upstate,” explained Cybil Lake, the director, who acted opposite Sizemore in her film. So she wrote the original script which took place upstate. “It was more a classic ‘alone in the woods’ story.” The relationship ended but the seed had been planted. She revised the script to take place primarily in Central Park. This change gave the director the opportunity to incorporate some of New York’s history. “Seneca Village was razed to create Central Park. The residents of the village were offered $2335 for their land. This is an example of early gentrification. With this history, I had a whole new dimension to explore.”

“Acting and directing at the same time can be challenging but I love challenges. I’m fortunate - many people don’t get to follow their dreams. I’m one of the lucky ones.” Lake has also appeared on The Black List with James Spader, Girls, The Following, and HBO's Show Me a Hero.

“We were already in post production when #metoo hit.” Lake explains that her experiences in the film business have been ripe with vague innuendos and direct sexual advances; from the minor butt grabbing to the outright propositions. “I’ll fund your film if you become my sex slave for a month,” Lake explains with a laugh. “Making my own feature film was an attempt to circumvent some of that and claim my own power to create.” Post production was also slowed down by the arrival of her first son. "So, I had to write a role for him too and shoot some new scenes."

Central Park is particularly magical and beautiful at night. Everyone on set got a rush from creating something unique with all that magic and beauty. This new trailer offers a glimpse: 

CPD Productions is in post-production with the horror/thriller feature film, Central Park Dark. If you would like more information about this, please call Rick at 917-545-1991. Email: Or visit: